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We live in a world in our head that consists of ideals, so if you
have good art and viewers interact with it and have a spiritual relationship
with it, they carry it with them their whole lives.

Zenon Duda Sculpture


Media interest in Zenon Duda's art is growing and is welcome. Zenon's art has been received favorably by critics, but that's not the point. Although most artists do appreciate acknowledgement of their work, Zenon is equally if not more interested in reaching as wide an audience as possible due to his purpose for creating it. Below are a couple of examples of the kind of coverage Zenon receives from the media.

Improving Lives Through Art :: Southeast Missourian 7-9-04

"It was only about two months ago that Duda found out he was chosen as one of the artists to participate in Art for All, a project in Honduras created by the United Nations Volunteers and the office of the first lady of Honduras . . . Today he begins work on a 24-ft sculpture that hopefully will touch lives. "   READ (PDF) >>

Zenon Duda Sculpture Honduras

Constructing Destruction :: Southeast Missourian 1-6-06

"Throughout the centuries artists have known their work can make a powerful statement, politically and socially. Cape Girardeau physician and sculptor Dr. Zenon Duda is no different . . . Tonight Duda will unveil a massive 15-by-45-foot sculpture installation called "Requiem for the Pawns of War."   READ (PDF) >>

Zenon Duda Sculpture Requiem

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