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  • Unforgotten (2004)
    Unforgotten (2004): Honduras - United Nations public arts project "Arte Para Todos" ("Art For All") organized by the UN's Honduran coordinator Peter Claesson and Doña Aguas Ocaña Maduro, the First Lady of Honduras. More than 50 artists participated with sculpture and paintings in public locations across Tegucigalpa, capital of Honduras. Our mandate was to illustrate any of the 8 precepts of the UN's Millennium Development Goals. I chose "4. Reduce Childhood Mortality". My sponsor: Banco Atlantida. Location: Boulevard Suyapa, near a major university. Nearly a million people a year drive by it. Specs: Base, 24 ft; Height, 26 ft; Hand-bent, hand-cut welded steel using simple tools made on location. Fabricated over 10 days in July, 2004. The base recalls traditional Mayan architectural elements.
  • Unforgotten (2004) - Detail
    Unforgotten (2004) - Detail. Please see first image caption.
  • Inertia (2002)
    Inertia (2002): White oak beam 12-ft long, 8x10 in.; 24-in. hollow concrete sphere. Beam elevated 14 in. at one end. Remarks: The piece is demonstrative of the concept of inertia and potential energy. There are expanded components of inertia as one sees them in real life. When people see a representation of concepts like these they may apply this to their lives and see how things undone or put on the shelf just sit there, and inspire them to get going and let life roll. Available. Please contact the artist..
  • Abandon (2004)
    Abandon (2004): Wood , stainless wire, polymer clay, 15 x 15 x 10 inches. Remarks: Deals with complete surrender to ideals and naked exposure to the world.
  • Forest Tryptich (2003)
    Forest Tryptych (2003): 12 x 14 x 1 inch oak panels, 6 x 6 inch steel plate with welded metal texture added to the surface creating a bark-like texture and appearance. Remarks: Created after observation of the debarking and skinning of trees and observing texture created on wood by sawmill blades. Metal injures and man heals. The contrast between using metal tools to strip and size trees to dimension grade lumber is juxtaposed with the metal created in an attempt to graft new skin onto the violated wood. The protruding metal rod on the left is a stylized branch.
  • Canna Madonna (2006)
    Canna Madonna (2006): 19 inches x 4 inches, unfired terra cotta. Remarks: Totally free form construction, study of the human female figure.
  • Spree (2003)
    Spree (2003): 24 inches tall, steel with welded surface texture. Remarks: Experimental female figure form with inspiration from ballet. (Sold)
  • Scarerat (2001)
    Scarerat (2001 - sketch): 17 x 4 x 8 inches, welded metal, maquette model for a planned 14 ft piece. Remarks: (Small clay figure in foreground is for estimating proportion, not part of the piece.) Model has been sold but full-size piece available when completed. Please contact the artist.
  • Scarecrow (2001)
    Scarecrow (2001): Found object construction (on temporary base) for sculpture garden. Totemic figure with religious and garden symbolism.
  • Running Root (2006)
    Running Root (2006): 20 x 14 x 18 inches, found and mounted object. Remarks: I am always looking for flow and form in objects from which I can create a work of art.
  • Kinetic Totem (2001)
    Kinetic Totem (2001): 8 feet x 24 in. x 30 in., welded found metal objects and corroded steel plate. Concrete base with short pyramidal segment still to be installed. Drawings available for site installation. Remarks: Kinetic totemic piece rocks back and forth taking energy from viewer grasping and moving the "handle bars" to create motion. The heavy piece accepts the energy provided by the viewer and returns it forcing the viewer to adjust and adapt to stay in time with the object. (Original title was 'Communicating Totem'.)
  • Meditation Two as One (2002)
    Meditation Two as One (2002): 3/16-inch steel plate and oak timbers, 10 feet tall with 4 ft x 4 ft footprint, 24-inch round circular plate in foreground. Remarks: Separate but similar elements joined at the top and contributing to each other's mutual support. The eye is carried freely to the peak by the lines and mild curves. A sleek zen-like piece with extremely clean lines. Featured best in a large open space with minimalist décor. The circular floor piece is a 3rd compositional element providing a better sense of balance and an invitation to a place to stand to view the piece. (The metal circle was originally a separate piece at its first showing, titled 'A Place to Stand'.)
  • Reach (2005)
    Reach (2005): White canvas background panel 48 x 20 inches, metal beam strip ½-inch by 40 inches, stainless steel wire figure 7 inches tall. Remarks: Free spirited wire figure struggling yet overcoming an obstacle. Shadows give an additional element of a deeper perspective and movement. The figure is lightly suspended with thin wire which allows for motion depending on ambient air movement at installation site.
  • Reach (2005) - Detail
    Reach (2005) - Detail. Please see first image caption.
  • Stella and Spheres (2003)
    Stella and Spheres (2003): Steel panel floor 11 x 16 feet, steel column 8 ft x 2 ft x 2 ft, hollow concrete spheres 18 inches in diameter. Remarks: A minimalized totemic figure surrounded by several spheres representative of game pieces, offerings, and geometric points which create dimension and space. Positioning has the ability to affect meaning and symbolism. Originally created from a model consisting of the same elements which involved yet another feature: a headless prostrate figure offering spheres to the totem. Created out of the artist's personal experiences by overextending himself emotionally in a new relationship.
  • Terra Cotta Vase (2002)
    Terra Cotta Vase (2002): Terracotta with terra siggilata surface, 19 inches diameter x 9 inches tall, with Japanese-inspired surface carving surround. Remarks: When an air current of sufficient volume is passed across the opening of the vase a set of sound harmonics expand to fill the room.
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