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My purpose as an artist is to invite interaction
with my work and thereby elevate and inspire others
to change their attitudes and viewpoints.

Zenon Duda::Sculpture For Humanity

The sculpture and other artworks of sculptor, painter, writer, potter and musician Zenon Duda are aimed squarely and directly at bringing about change in the life of the individual who views them. Only by changing the individual, by opening his or her awareness to something better can broad changes be made across society.

Because of his deep regard for human life, his belief that a better world can be achieved, and his determination to help where and how he can to bring this about, Zenon Duda's works of sculpture can only be called "sculpture for humanity".


Why Make Art?

Zenon Duda SculptorThe purpose of an artist is to make art and to convey a message to others through art. If that is done well, that message will communicate with other people and possibly alter their life in some way or get them to reassess what’s going on in their lives for their own improvement.

It is my goal as an artist to create an experience in a universal work of art whereby the quality of my viewers' lives are bettered as a result of their interaction with my work. Therefore my approach to public art is to introduce into the public venue something that one will see and truly experience. I want the viewers of my sculpture to walk away having experienced an impact that provokes or initiates positive change.

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